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Digital Business In Action

Using Digital to Analyze Organizational Culture and Improve Employee Performance Results.

Dominate with Data!

No business is too big or small to derive outcomes from digitalization. Through the “Digital Business” approach that combines technology, people, and platforms, any business can address various pain points, and achieve growth and efficiency across different aspects of the business.

Large Lifestyle and Fashion Retailer

A large lifestyle and fashion retailer was sitting on a gold mine of customer feedback. They had enormous amounts of data but struggled to convert it into meaningful insights.

Improved Productivity/Lower expenses

Altimetrik helped this global medical device manufacturer upgrade sales productivity and customer satisfaction by building mobile apps and integrating them with a unified back-end layer to provide real-time updates from their ERP and other systems.

Connecting Cars and Digital Voice Assistants

Connecting common digital voice assistants like Alexa, Google, and Siri to cars was a natural extension of their capability and a new challenge for this global auto manufacturer.

A Digital Platform for 100 Million People

A disruptive Fintech Silicon Valley startup had a goal: become an intrinsic part of its customers’ life journeys through every stage of their lives spanning life event planning, cash flow management, budgeting and retirement planning, investment management and insurance coverage decisions.

Simplified Banking and Payments for the Gig Economy

One of the world’s leading banks saw the power of the gig economy and recognized the opportunities it presented to increase competitive advantage, improve efficiency and Quality of Service and enhance their technology transformation.

Large Global Retailer Focuses Business On a Customer-first Approach

Transforming data ecosystems is helping this global retailer better understand its customers’ needs and preferences, more accurately forecast fashion trends, manage inventory, and improve the overall in-store experience.

A Healthier Approach to the Global Food Supply

Global food supply chains are not just complex. They’re also under constant pricing pressure and heavily scrutinized for both the quality of food and the ethics of sustainable production.

Putting the Pedal to the Metal in Mobility Innovation

By 2050, two-thirds of the world’s population will live in a city. Large cities like London will have as many as 8 million transportation journeys every day – too much for the current infrastructure.

Infusing Agility in a Large Investment Bank for Faster Time-to-Market

A large US-based investment bank partnered with Altimetrik to reduce operational overhead and improve the productivity of their application development teams by reducing back-end plumbing requirements for new applications.

Increasing the Velocity of Digital Transformation

A leading global financial institution used Altimetrik’s domain-driven design model to turn a rigid, monolithic platform approach into one that’s driven by API and microservices.