Raj Vattikuti

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Altimetrik’s Differentiation & Unique Value Proposition for Digital Business Growth

Many companies are still grappling with the complexities of transitioning to a seamless digital business model.


Investment in Digital Business to Increase Productivity

Current economic conditions consisting of a labor shortage and high inflation which is accelerating costs are requiring that companies focus on productivity and automation. In 2021 overall investment grew 7.4% and for technology this rate was 14%.

Digital Business Drives Continuous Growth

Digital business is the key for enterprises to drive simplification and continuous growth. This may seem counterintuitive but digital business is not about complex disparate initiatives.

Digital Business: An Unlimited Opportunity

In today’s business world there is an unlimited opportunity to grow revenue, profit, cash, and market share.

Digital Business Empowers Growth

Digital business is a paradigm shift away from simple digital transformation. It is an evolution that will change how businesses respond to their respective markets and deliver what matters most to customers.

Raj Vattikuti Named Finalist for Entrepreneur Of The Year 2020 Michigan and Northwest Ohio

Altimetrik grew by 25% in the first half of 2020, despite the pandemic. Our growth continues to accelerate, fueled by our unique approach to business and digital transformation.

Evolving Engagement Models and Skill Sets in the Age of Business Transformation

Technology is changing the world at a speed never seen before. This is dramatically changing customer behavior and their expectations from businesses, who are struggling hard to keep up to the tide.

Data is transforming the entire business landscape

This article was published on The Technology Headlines.

Talent Imperatives for a Digital World

2018 – this year the century turns adult. We have reached a time when the dynamics of the world’s decision makers, influencers, and consumers are set to change entirely, driven by the millennial mindset.