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Altimetrik’s Differentiation & Unique Value Proposition for Digital Business Growth

Many companies are still grappling with the complexities of transitioning to a seamless digital business model.


Digital Twin – A Potential Game Changer for Drug Development

The concept of Digital Twins is being actively investigated by Pharma companies. This technology has great promise as one of the levers to modernize the pharmaceutical industry.

Digital Twin

A Typical Agile Transformation Story

An organization decides to embark on its agile transformation journey because every other organization is doing so.

Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach

How Digital Technology Has Impacted the Nonprofit Sector

The nonprofit sector may not be at the forefront of adopting technology. Indeed, many lack digital maturity. They lag behind in the use of the latest innovations.

Demand Management – The Past and The Future

Having an exact plan in place to manage customer demand is a dream for any business

Why Digital Businesses Are Poised for Marketing Success

Nearly every business today is a “digital” business.

Breaking the illusion that physical stores are no longer important

The pandemic has hit the retail world like a typhoon! Amidst all the uncertainties and lockdowns, most retailers have flocked to digital methods like never before.

DevOps – Your Friend in Need

Many years back, I had been to a vivacious party.
The atmosphere was perky, zestful, and very animated…

Digital Business: An Unlimited Opportunity

In today’s business world there is an unlimited opportunity to grow revenue, profit, cash, and market share.

Enable Digital Business to Accelerate Growth Without Disruption

Becoming CEO for a global technology company during a worldwide pandemic has come with a unique set of challenges and opportunities.

Digital Business Empowers Growth

Digital business is a paradigm shift away from simple digital transformation. It is an evolution that will change how businesses respond to their respective markets and deliver what matters most to customers.

Digital Culture and Organizational change

Digital is not a buzzword anymore. From ordering food, daily supplies, reading magazines, to watching movies, consulting with doctors or banking, everything is on your fingertips within the comfort of your home.