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Altimetrik’s Differentiation & Unique Value Proposition for Digital Business Growth

Many companies are still grappling with the complexities of transitioning to a seamless digital business model.


Digital Twin – A Potential Game Changer for Drug Development

The concept of Digital Twins is being actively investigated by Pharma companies. This technology has great promise as one of the levers to modernize the pharmaceutical industry.

Digital Twin

A Typical Agile Transformation Story

An organization decides to embark on its agile transformation journey because every other organization is doing so.

Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach

Top vulnerabilities exploited by the PRC state-sponsored cyber actors and how to mitigate them

According to the assessment made by NSA, CISA and FBI, the People’s Republic of China has sponsored
cyber actors to exploit the commonly known vulnerabilities and exposures.


Your New Testing Schedule?

PTaaS – Penetration Testing as a Service.Find your security weaknesses with continuous penetration testing from Altimetrik to protect your infrastructure, IT systems, and applications.

Raj Vattikuti Named Finalist for Entrepreneur Of The Year 2020 Michigan and Northwest Ohio

Altimetrik grew by 25% in the first half of 2020, despite the pandemic. Our growth continues to accelerate, fueled by our unique approach to business and digital transformation.

Transformation is meaningful when we focus on Business Outcomes

As our CMO, Jeff had pointed out in a recent blog, Altimetrik is a great story and our work has resonated with our clients, fueling double-digit growth year after year.

Reflections on being named Top in My Field

It’s not often you get named as one of the top 50 marketers in the world, but I was recently voted by my peers to receive a OnCon Icon Award as a Top 50 Marketer at the OnCon 2020 conference.

Interview with Miguel Lattuada, front-end lead.

Miguel Lattuada is one of Altimetrik’s top Front-end developers, he has worked with us for several years participating in all kinds of projects. Today, he is giving us his view on nowadays technologies, what he expects of the future and his vision of Uruguay’s developers.

Interviewing Fernanda for International women’s day

On the occasion of International Women’s Day we interviewed Fernanda, a woman who has stood out for her commitment, hard work and achievements, and who has also won the love and respect of the team.

Einstein Vision: How to Build AI-Powered Apps, Fast

Have you ever wondered how to use Salesforce Einstein to derive meaningful insights from your unstructured data, such as images and text data? Explore this example to learn how to integrate Einstein Platform Services into your CRM workflows to build AI-powered apps, fast.

CRM and Artificial intelligence – match made in heaven!

CRM or customer relationship management has had a strong relationship with AI for a few years now.